We do Recover: Garage & Wheels

Hello, my name is Mario G. I have 68 Days in Recovery at Grandview. I’m very grateful. I chose these cars & rig because they take me back to my childhood and teen years. It’s a blessing to be able to build these models. It taught me to be creative and it is a reflection of my style growing up. Thank you. Have a great day.

1964 Chevy Impala

This lifted Chevy Impala comes with hydraulics and a chrome pin strip on top. My father had lots of low-riders with hydraulics while I was growing up, so this one brings lots of childhood memories.

1958 Volkswagen 21 Window Bus

I painted this 1958 Volkswagen 21 Window Bus, orange & yellow. It has drag racing wheels and tires. It’s Cali style, slanted with a blue tint.



1964 Kenworth Transporter

I chose to build the rig because my family in Ensenada Baja are truck drivers. I would spend the summer as a kid over there and I would go with my uncles to take or pick up a load to be transported.

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