Crutchfield & Friends

This took me back to doing models as a kid. Growing up I’ve done a lot of four-wheel driving and rock crawling. I participated in Baja racing events.

I would like to dedicate these models to my dad, who passed away when I was a teenager. He loved taking us four-wheeling and to racing events. These models are for him.

Ford Custom F150 4x4

My dad had a truck this same color. He used to tow his Jeeps, sand rails, and dirt bikes. We had a lot of fun together while I was growing up.

1980s Race-Style Vintage Datsun 4x4

I chose this vehicle because my uncle used to Baja Race in the 80s. The color scheme for this car is inspired for him.

Ford Branco 4x4

When I first started working on this vehicle it was in bad shape. A few other people had worked on it before I got my hands on it. I chose to give the Bronco a full restoration, new paint job, and successfully resurrected it from the dead.

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