I Know Someone Who Needs Help

If you’re at the end of the line with a loved one’s behavior, if you’re afraid nothing more can be done, if you think you have nowhere to turn — turn to Grandview. If you’re a concerned friend or a referring professional — consider the advantages Grandview offers. Our compassionate and expert staff has an excellent track record of helping addicts reclaim their lives.

Who Qualifies?

Our clients must be 18 years or older, live in Los Angeles County, and have active Los Angeles County Drug Medi Cal. Men are accepted to our residential treatment programs and both men and women to our outpatient programs. We do not accept private pay clients, but can recommend another facility.

Call Us

We frequently receive calls from families, guardians and referring professionals, seeking to find out if Grandview is right for someone they know, and we are happy to answer basic questions. Thereafter, it will be necessary for us to speak with the prospective client directly; at such time, our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will discuss what treatment options are available.

Meet Us

If Grandview is a good fit for treatment, prospective clients come in for an in-depth discussion about the specific level of care they require, and what their goals are. Family members are welcome to accompany them.

The journey to recovery begins

If we are confident Grandview can be of assistance, we’ll begin the admissions process — the first step on the road back to health. If we believe another organization would be more appropriate, we’ll provide a reference.

We encourage you to check out our FAQ and thoroughly review the information provided on our website to become familiar with our treatment approach, the various programs we offer, our facilities and our staff.