Help us chill out!
Help Grandview “chill” out and make a donation to kick off our 2019 Fundraiser for ice machines!

Our ice trays aren’t cutting it

With 50 guys living at Grandview at any given moment, ice is a “hot” commodity! Imagine 50 years of constantly filling ice trays…it’s time to leave the “Ice Age” and invest in commercial ice machines.  Can we count on you to help us?

Make your donation online below or, if you prefer, a check may be mailed to: Grandview Foundation, 1239 N. Marengo, Pasadena, CA 91103.

Grandview Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, so you’re donation is tax deductable.

Thank you!

Cool facts about ice

  • Hot water freezes faster than cold water.
  • Ice covers 10% of the Earth’s land mass and forms 7% of oceans.
  • The average American buys 4 bags of packaged ice each year.
  • Packaged bags of ice are a $2.5 billion business with over 2,000 retailers who sell it.
YES! Count me in!

I’m happy to support Grandview’s efforts to enhance the over-all daily operations at the facility, by contributing to the “2019 Ice Machine” campaign.

  • I am unable to attend, but would like to donate anyways.
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