Alumni & More

We welcome our Grandview Alumni to inspire new members and be a part of our growing community of men who have successfully beaten their addiction and found a better way to live. Sharing our stories is part of what keeps us going! Together, we can overcome this challenging disease and enter an existence we never dreamed possible.

Come back and share your story! Participate in Grandview Foundation Service Projects and other important community events. We look forward to hearing from you! 


Service Projects

Grandview House is part of the Garfield Heights Neighborhood Association, an area of Pasadena that goes back over one hundred years! Due to their age, the homes of Garfield Heights don’t have their addresses painted on their curbside like many surrounding homes. Grandview Foundation residents and Alumni are ready to take up the cause and update our neighborhood.

Click here to SCHEDULE your home for a renewed or freshly painted address on your curbside. We are asking for $10 per home to cover material costs, but if you want to do more, click on donate to support the Grandview Foundation mission and the community we serve.

Click here to DONATE to our mission and help support our important work.