“ I was living in my car and trying to sustain life and had no real place to go. I made a call to Grandview, they gave me some instructions and I was able to follow through. I did like the house, I did like the spaciousness of it. It’s very serene. There’s room for you to find your place and breathe. ”
Our Facilities

Grandview owns four beautiful homes located in a quiet, historically-designated residential neighborhood in Pasadena, California, known as Garfield Heights. Two large, century-old buildings are utilized for treatment, and two are for transitional living participants.

At Grandview, we want to make clients feel at home as they learn to heal and overcome their addiction.

At Grandview, we want to make clients feel at home as they learn how to heal and overcome their addiction. Whether enrolled in residential treatmentoutpatient , or living in supportive sober housing, our clients are in an environment that enhances feelings of serenity and safety. This atmosphere is an integral advantage of the Grandview approach.

Grandview Treatment Centers

Grandview Foundation, Inc. has provided quality addiction treatment in the same two homes since 1969.  Individualized quality care, provided in a home style setting, allows each resident to feel proud of themselves once again.

Grandview Sober Living Homes

Grandview has two sober living homes, located within a mile of our residential and outpatient programs.  This close proximity helps residents to grow roots in a healthy community.