Our Mission

Grandview Foundation’s mission is to provide residential recovery services to men, and outpatient services to men and women, 18 and over, and their families who suffer from the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction.


In response to this mission, The Grandview Foundation has undertaken the steps necessary to identify the causes, provide treatment, and make available direct and supportive recovery services necessary to realistically address the needs of alcoholics and addicted persons in an environment of diminishing resources.


Addiction deteriorates individuals, and families biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. The Grandview model is designed to promote healing in those areas, and restore the quality of life so our clients may re-enter society as a contributing member, with hope for the future, and at peace with today.

Why Grandview?

At Grandview we want to make you feel at home as you learn how to heal and overcome your addictions, both physically and psychologically. Our team strongly believes world-class treatment should be available regardless of one's ability to pay. We are the most cost effective, nonprofit facility in Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley. At Grandview we provide residential recovery services to men who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. We also provide outpatient services to men and women,18 and over, and their families. Using thoughtful care and individualized treatment plans, we identify the root causes and provide the world-class treatment to ensure that the individual’s success is achieved. Our facility is located in a beautiful residential community and we provide food, shelter and recovery in a supportive, home-like environment. We can help you or your loved one. Grandview will provide the necessary elements to holistically rebuild lives and families.


Upon admission all clients are screened and evaluated within the first week, so treatment planning can be managed accordingly in a timely manner.  All treatment plans include personalized and individual case management and intense after care planning based on the individual needs of each client. All treatment and therapy groups are limited in size to ensure each client benefits from personal, flexible and tailored treatment.  Client to counselor ratios are low so personal attention is an integral part of treatment.

The Grandview experience and success formula works and we have files full of success stories to prove it. Our facilities located in a designated residential neighborhood, promote and foster the feeling that clients are “at home” while discovering that being sober is a rich, fulfilling way to live the rest of their lives.

The Grandview treatment strategy and method is proven to promote healing and restore the quality of life of our clients. Grandview “graduates” re-enter society as a contributing member, with hope for the future, and acceptance with today. The Grandview Foundation is committed to fulfilling this mission, one person at a time.

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